23.8" Panel with modular Intel compute element build inside. Height adjustable foot stand with swirl/portrait/landscape gives full flexibility into any computer environment. The Loop stand alone monitor can be equipped with various Intel compute element and storage for exceptional computing. Interact and connect using the integrated camera, microphone, speakers and wireless capability. Built-in Power Supply ensure clotter free and secure operation.


Scandinavian designers have sought to enhance the life through the development of appropriate and affordable solutions – designs that are inclusive rather then exclusive.

The fascination with finding definite forms has meant that Scandinavian designers often refine their work over long period of times in order to create best possible solution.

This careful and thoughtful approach is central to the remarkable longevity of certain Scandinavian products.

The Scandinavian ‘design classics’ that have remain in production with the same design for decades- are irrefutable proof that well designed, well executed product can stand the test of time and remain impervious to the vagaries of fashion.


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